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Experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorneys in the United States and South America will prepare your case, ensuring fulfillment of all requirements to obtain a successful visa petition.

We will handle your visa process in a secure, efficient and expedited manner that you can trust. Our experienced attorneys will be in charge of the professional preparation of your case.

From the first interview, until you successfully obtain your visa, you can feel free to inquire about your case at any time without additional costs. Every inquiry will be handled by a professional immigration attorney. There will be no surprises or hidden costs. The signing of a mutually agreed contract will completely guarantee your investment.

Avoid unnecessary trips and extraordinary expenses, as well as those costly mistakes in time and money. Allow expert hands to take care of your immigration processes. Do not risk your money with those who sell illusions. What is legal is real!

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We are specialized in immigration processes:

Work visas for entrepreneurs and executives.
Residence for executives of multinational companies.
Residence for small business owners.
Automatic residence (EB5) through investment.
Visa for 5 years through investment in small business (E2).
Family reunification with spouse, children, siblings or parents.
Fiancé visas.
Citizenship, tourism, students.
Waiver application for tourism.
Waiver application for immigrants.

Visa L1A

Your visa can be granted initially for up to three years, extendable for periods [...]

Visas for Fiancés and Spouses of American Citizens

Visasamericanas.com – Abogados Especialistas can help you obtain fiancé visas for ALL COUNTRIES, not just Spanish-speaking countries.