Entrepreneur! Establish yourself in the United States

Three other ways to obtain permanent legal residency are: 

  • Family reasons: The request is made by a direct relative such as father, mother, children, sibling or spouse. The request for boyfriend / girlfriend (Fiancé/Fiancée) also leads to the residence, but initially it is only a temporary nonimmigrant visa.
  • Political Asylum: After one (1) year of it being approved, the residency is obtained.
  • Certificate of Labor: Requires a permanent job offer in the United States and it is possible to obtain it despite living abroad.

We provide full and integral consulting services for obtaining multiple-entry Tourist Visas for the United States for up to ten (10) years, renewable.

Even if you have been denied this visa, you can still qualify! You just need to decide! Perhaps the only gap between you and the United States can be solved with a consultation at one of our offices.

We can help you achieve success in legally entering the United States. There are visas from A to Z, one is suitable for you!