– Abogados Especialistas can help you obtain fiancé visas for ALL COUNTRIES, not just Spanish-speaking countries. This visa is also known as the K1 and K3 visa.

The amount of time it takes us to obtain a fiancé visa depends on the state in which you reside and the country in which your fiancé lives. We make the shortest possible process in a competitive situation.

We provide you with a realistic processing time-frame at the different Immigration Service Centers based on your situation. We obtain fiancé visas shorter for clients from every state in the US. In many cases, the length of time it takes us to obtain USCIS approval in any particular case is much shorter than what the Service Center reports, due largely to our expertise developed from handling fiancé petitions over a significant period of time since 2001.

Your visa contract with us will be free of worries. We do the full work and you do not have to concern with regulations or laws, just provide us with the necessary information and documents and we do the rest. It does not matter if taxes increase, the contract protects you and your investment until the successful completion and issuance of the visa. We submit the process to USCIS and track its progress.

After marriage, you should not need to hire another immigration attorney because we also provide our clients with post-marriage advice and assistance. We will handle, for a minimal additional cost, the adjustment of status, work authorization, advanced parole and/or travel document, conditional residency, permanent residency, naturalization, etc. We make it easy for you; just enjoy your new life.

Our clients are our Priority

Some people hire another immigration attorney or a non-attorney “fiancé visa expert” to continue their processes. Frequently, things seem to go wrong and then they hire us. It is very important to have competent legal advice in such a delicate and technical matter. This field of immigration law requires legal advice as well as experienced advice in financial matters.

We are ready to begin a direct and personal conversation to assess your plans and concerns regarding your case. For this purpose, we prefer to discuss your case personally or over the phone, allowing us to establish from the beginning the personal relationship that will take us to a mutually secure affiliation.

Each member of our team is experienced and knowledgeable in US spousal immigration laws and is prepared to assist and respond your inquiries. Our experience handling many fiancé cases, our dedication to the study of immigration law and the confidentiality of your entire process make us your best option a very competitive price.

Ask us for evidence of successful fiancé cases, and for petitions approved in just 21 days!