Visas and Residency in Colombia

It is possible to opt for IMMIGRANT status in Colombia, through temporary visas, and thereby become a resident and even a citizen. Residency can also be granted through family ties to a Colombian citizen.

Political Asylum

Everyone has the right to seek and receive asylum in a foreign territory in cases of political persecution and politically related crimes in accordance with the laws of each State and international agreements.

If you are already present in Colombia, we will process your asylum before the Foreign Ministry, which will issue a temporary stay pass. This pass is for three months and is renewable pending the determination of the viability of the asylum petition. If you are not present in Colombia, travel as a tourist, and if necessary, we will assist you in obtaining the necessary visa.

Corporate Visa

If you are an executive of a foreign company or in the trade industry, you can request a visa of this type, valid for up to three years. You can also opt for a TEMPORARY WORK VISA.

Temporary Visa

Do not travel outside of the country just to apply for the necessary visa. If you are already in Colombia, we can obtain a visa for you without unnecessary or expensive trips. Consult your case with experienced immigration attorneys right now!

For a temporary visa as a Colombian’s spouse or partner, the country’s legislation supports the “Common Law Union” status. Therefore, it is not required to get married in order to obtain the temporary visa for family reasons, the requirement is met just by living under the same roof as a couple. The visa is issued for one year and it allows for multiple entries to the country within that period of time. You can engage in employment without restrictions by obtaining a work permit.

The temporary visa for students is issued for one year, renewable until completion of studies. The visa does not allow performing activities other than studying, but may be exchanged for another type of visa at the end of the studies.

Business Visa

Obtain a business visa in just 10 working days without leaving the country! We are able to prepare all the required documentation very quickly. The business visa usually requires the candidate to be a director or officer of a foreign commercial company that has or will have, in the future, economic ties with a foreign or domestic company based in Colombia. We can also obtain a business visa for prospective businessmen visiting the country. This visa can be issued for up to 180 days in a continuous stay.

Residency in Colombia – Colombian Resident Visa

This visa requires the applicant to not leave the country for more than two consecutive years. It is issued for a relative of a Colombian citizen. It issued for a businessperson, for employment and as a relative of a Colombian citizen, and requires the applicant to have been a temporary visa holder for a minimum period of three years in some cases. As qualified, you will obtain residency if you have been a temporary visa holder for five years.

We can also obtain ENTRY AND PERMANENCY PERMITS within the country in order to obtain extensions of stay, and of course, to allow the change of your status to another suitable one based on your needs. We will handle the entire process of IMMIGRATING TO COLOMBIA efficiently.

In addition, we can adequately resolve your family law issues such as: permits for children to leave the country, legal adoption, marriages with foreigners through power of attorney, civil registry issues and requirements for travel and immigration to Colombia and other countries.

Our immigration attorneys resolve your case as quickly as possible and do all the necessary procedures.

Tourism Visas

Citizens of very FEW countries are required to obtain a tourist visa in order to visit Colombian territory. If you require a visa, we will advice you on how to obtain one.