Integral Counseling – Abogados Especialistas offers comprehensive preparation for your visa with in depth analysis of the parameters that are examined in each case, and the review of documentation to ensure full compliance of all requirements, and that you meet the right profile to achieve the purpose. Given the high volume of applications rejected, your investment is well justified.

Tourist Visas

If you want to travel as a tourist, – Abogados Especialistas can provide you with integral advice to obtain the visa you need. Our system allows you to rest assured that your request will be within the type eligible for approval and consequently obtaining your visa, unless exceptional circumstances arise. Therefore, your case initially, deeply and carefully analyzed, will ensure that your time and money will be well spent. Let us appraise your special needs and deliver the best tools to achieve the objective. The legal organization is at your service; do not hesitate to ask for extension of the information as often as deemed appropriate.

Getting your immigration or criminal history

We offer to you an exclusive service very useful when you have homonyms or simply criminal or civil background, in order to erase records of federal or state agencies which are causing rejections in obtaining a visa for immigrants or simply for entrepreneurs, visitors or workers.

Our attorneys, based on the law of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) come to the DEA, FBI, USCIS, State Department, CBP, ICE, DOJ and other federal agencies to get certified copies of criminal records and records of any kind that appear in your history.

With such records we are able to demonstrate to American consulates anywhere in the world that there does not exist against the petitioner, reason or legal basis for having denied his/her visa or that the violation allows him/her to apply for a WAIVER.

We can obtain the Information and copies of judgments in accordance with the law without any discrimination even if the foreign citizen lives outside of the United States.