WAIVER (forgiveness) for immigrant visas

If your visa has been denied and you have been told by the Consular Officer that you are ineligible to receive one, you can still obtain it with a wait time of four months.

The legal procedure called WAIVER, commonly known as forgiveness, consists in the petition of a dispensation before the Immigration Department (USCIS) for the elimination of the ineligibility of your residency and the inadmissibility in US territory.

In your case, we prepare the technical and legal process by filling out the appropriate forms and arguing in depth the reasons why granting the immigration benefit is valid. Everything is filed with the Immigration Department (USCIS) in the United States.

An adequately prepared WAIVER petition, once granted, allows for the reunification of separated families. We have successfully accomplished this for hundreds of cases.

WAIVER (forgiveness) for tourists

The WAIVER, commonly known as forgiveness, consists in the petition of a dispensation before de Department of State for the elimination of the ineligibility and inadmissibility in US territory.

It is applicable even in extreme cases of deportation and for reasons of some crimes committed, even for people who have been incarcerated or convicted. With more reason, the procedure applies for people who have just been present without authorization or out of status for some time in the United States.

The procedure consists in adequately preparing your tourist (or business) visa application, and simultaneously the Waiver petition, to be presented at the same time before the United States Consulate in your country. During the interview, the Consular Officer will receive the Waiver petition and will not approve it nor deny it, leaving the petition on stand-by mode until it is reviewed in Washington.

Once the answer arrives from Washington, your visa will be stamped on your Passport FOR ONE YEAR, allowing you to travel to the United States. This process may take around four months.

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