Immigrate to Canada

You will be able to immigrate to Canada. Great opportunities are just waiting for you. Our firm will help you decide which immigration program will work best for you and your family.

Your credentials and qualifications are the basis for your immigration process.


As “Qualified Worker” you can become a legal resident in Canada shortly, with or without a job offer.

There are fifty (50) professions for which you can apply for residency.

It is needed at least a year of experience in that field.

If you have a job offer in Canada is even better but not essential.

There are 25.000 job vacancies available that can be filled very soon.

It is necessary to qualify by the point system (no less than 67) that you can obtain evaluating six factors established by the Government to be chosen as a qualified worker as follows:

Education: Maximum 25 points; Language (English and/or French): Maximum 28 points (24 English and 4 French); Working experience: Maximum 15 points; Age: Maximum 12 points; Job Offer in Canada: Maximum 10 points; Adaptability: Maximum 10 points.

Be a legal resident of Canada in less than a year!