Many processes take years before you are able to bring your spouse and children to the United States. A consultation on time can mean big savings in time, money and dissatisfactions. We can reduce the time to reunify your family. If your process has been taking long, it is now time to lighten the arrival time of your relatives to the US.

Let us handle the family petition and your wife and children will arrive in a short time to reunite with you. ¡Only a consultation is keeping your family apart! ¡Do it NOW!


We have helped hundreds of families integrate once again thanks to the immigrant visa processes, residencies, which allow traveling quickly qualifying as immediate relatives of US Citizens. Just ask for a consultation… you could be a few days from seeing and enjoying with your family in the USA.

If you are a Legal Resident of the United States, we can also assist you with short processes that, within the family preferences, allow you to reunite with your family who is outside of the United States.

¡Ask for Evidence of Approved Processes in twenty-one (21) days!

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